«Conquer your own world courageously!
Enjoy your strength!
Live your life alive!»

Who am I?

My way to a living life began with detours.

I was born and raised in the Netherlands and became an adopted child at the age of 10. Early on, I was confronted with questions about my origins and the interrelation of what constitutes one's own self. My domineering, manipulative and control-addicted adoptive mother first made me a highly adapted young woman who neither believed in herself nor in her dreams. The change away from home to a new home (at the age of 21 I moved to Switzerland) and the experiences in different professional fields (gastronomy, management, child and youth care, therapist in personality growth) shaped my courage and perseverance.

After 10 years of training at the IKP and an additional training for personality development and communication, I worked for 10 years in my own practice, where I worked as an independent therapist and consultant. I continue to educate myself because my interest in human well-being and growth is great.

I accompany and support people who are willing to courageously come to their strength. I work with my clients in a holistic, resource-oriented and body-based way.

I use methods from integrated body psychotherapy, psychological symbol work, breath therapy, tantristic personality development and nutritional theory to uncover the causes of your individual behaviour together and change them if necessary.

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The first step can be difficult. I support you in implementing your actions in everyday life, in clarifying uncertainties and in loosening and dissolving habits, rigid forms and taboos.

If you get in touch with me, I will be happy to advise you in a non-binding conversation about my work and how I can support you.

My big and heartfelt thanks

applies to everyone who was well-disposed towards me and supported and accompanied me humanly and professionally. It is these valuable experiences and helpful tools that I can pass on to others in challenging moments and life phases.

Hedwig Nathalie van Ingen