Breath-Therapy & -Massage IKP

Wellness training (various institutes/schools)

Possible topics:

  • Stress
  • New life situations
  • Depressive moods
  • Anxiety states
  • Pain, diseases
  • Get some real rest

    The breathing massage (on the clothes or on the skin) is a possibility to rest on a deep level from everyday life or from a new situation or illness. It can help you to better differentiate yourself and still stay in relationship with your job, partner, family, colleagues.

    This method also supports the interegation of (new) insights and actions. It also works by "tracking down" unconscious actions and thinking, which can cause blockades and difficulties in everyday life.

    With breathing massages I have already relieved migraines and various other physical pains; sometimes I succeed in making the pain disappear in its entirety. In depression it can help to get energy back, to do something or to give courage to see how things could go on in life.

    Breathing massage helps you to recharge your batteries, to (better) master situations, to accept them, to learn to deal with them, to have space to enjoy life again.

    We begin our independent life with the first breath. Then follows much, which makes our breath falter, brings us out of breath, takes us deep breath and makes our heart beat faster. Our body reacts to fear, stress, insecurity, pain, but also to rest, relaxation, attentiveness, contentment and balance.

    The purpose of breath therapy is to discover one's own patterns and behaviour patterns through the reaction of the breath and to recognise and release blockages. It helps to (re)discover and strengthen one's own I. Breathing massage and various breathing exercises often provide a quick and easy access to the ego.

    I work with oil, lotion, hot stones and warm pillows.

    For many of my clients and myself it is always a wonderful mindful work. I can only recommend everyone to lie down now and then, to enjoy and to trust.