Psychological Nutrition Counseling IKP

Possible topics:

  • Desire for healthier eating habits
  • Disturbed eating behaviour, e.g. due to diets
  • Eating disorders (disease)
  • Unilateral nutrition
  • Overweight / underweight
  • Changed living conditions, e.g. due to illness, intolerances, allergies, etc.

Adaptation is not an easy process.
I support you in implementing this action in your everyday life.

Actually, we could quickly find out what our body needs in food from today's literature - be it through the numerous books or websites. Meanwhile almost everything is easy to do, buy or have.

So why is it still so difficult to develop healthy eating habits?

  • Maybe because food is always available?
  • Because we become hunters and gatherers in the grocery store?
  • Perhaps because we need food as a substitute for love and affection?
  • One-sided nutrition
  • Because we were taught to eat our plates empty?
  • Because the offer was just so cheap?

Food is more than food from the shelf, garden, take-away, buffet, homemade.

It is our elixir of life!

With the Symol work, what is slumbering in the subconscious can become a language, but until now it has not been ready to be pronounced.

Mit der Symolarbeit kann das zur Sprache werden, was im Unterbewusstsein schlummert, aber bis anhin noch nicht spruchreif war.

This often leads to a clarification of insecurities or, in some cases, rigid forms.
So that it becomes possible to find one's own way within today's wide range of food products.